Battle of the Nations

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So What is Battle of the Nations & Who is Responsible?

Described by some as a mini-Waterloo for the UK, Battle of the Nations is a Napoleonic re-enactment charity event that was originally founded by Stephen & Elaine Seymour, Peter Topley, Glenn Robinson and Tony Bartolo in early 2010. The aim of the event was to raise money for the charity, Help for Heroes.

After much planning and organising, the very first Battle of the Nations was held in 2011 at Fort Amherst in Chatham, Kent. Although small, the event was very successful and gained local renown. Many of the Napoleonic units that attended really enjoyed themselves and asked about the possibility of doing it again the following year.

So begun another year of planning for the organisers to get Battle of the Nations 2012 up and running. A small setback occurred when it was announced that Fort Amherst would be unable to host the event again due to the increasing size of the event. Kudos to the organisers however as they managed to secure a larger site in Hunton near Maidstone, Kent.

2012 raised the stakes and the event was set to be much bigger. More units were invited, more publicity was put out & the organisers set about getting as much help from companies and businesses as possible. The team were even lucky as to have Napoleonic personality and celebrity Jason Salkey, better known as Rifleman Harris from the Napoleonic TV Series, Sharpe, attend the event.

Battle of the Nations 2012 in aid of Help for Heroes was a huge success and on a much bigger scale then the previous year. Many different units attended the event and some even travelled from abroad to attend. A good time was had by all. Due to the huge success of this event, Battle of the Nations is now set to be a yearly event.

Planning for Battle of the Nations 2013 has already begun and you can find out all the latest news right here, on this site... Remember to check back regularly to see the latest!

(Pictures on this page courtesy of Michael Hastings).